Greens stand for equal opportunity for all, regardless of class race, creed, culture, gender, sexual orientation, or physical and mental challenges. We call for community programs that would allow all people to live in decency and dignity. We support:

  • A state funded health insurance system, modeled on the Canadian medical system, which would guarantee adequate health care for all Hawai'i residents
  • Integrating alternative health care and preventative medicine, including traditional Hawaiian healing (La 'au Lapa'au and Lomi Lomi into a comprehensive health care system
  • Expanded job training and apprenticeship programs
  • Guaranteed loan and scholarship programs that would allow any qualified student a college education

Greens strive to nurture home and family life. We would help working parents by promoting expanded daycare and after-school program, and state-assisted parental leave policies. We would seek to limit the damages of divorce by:

  • Revising divorce laws to protect women and children
  • Insuring prompt payment of court-ordered child support and alimony

We would nurture the extended family by supporting a comprehensive system of support for the elderly that would ' provide affordable or shared housing, contact with youth and animals, and home health services in all neighborhoods, thus allowing the elderly to remain near friends and relatives.