Run Green

Cover Letter to intended CANDIDATES. Rev. 3/20/14



We have learned that you are interested in running for office as a candidate representing the Green Party of Hawai`i. We appreciate your interest in Green Party politics and would like to introduce you to the requirements for candidacy under the Green Party banner.

Unlike other parties in Hawai`i, the grassroots members of the Green Party of Hawai`i have drawn up a standing, yet evolving platform that enumerates our party's basic principles and positions on many issues.  We expect our candidates to represent these core values.

According to our Bylaws (copy enclosed, relevant sections noted), persons who intend to run as Greens are:

  1. Required to be registered members of the party,
  2. Must abide by the Bylaws of the Green Party of Hawai`i,
  3. Must endorse the platform in principle, and
  4. Must have their qualifications and candidacy reviewed and approved by a candidate selection committee. The particular committee depends on whether the office being sought is from a specific county or is statewide.

Through these committees, which we call Candidate Recruitment and Review Committees, the Green Party of Hawai`i carefully selects its candidates. The District Courts of Kaua`i, O`ahu, and Hawai`i Island, and the State's Chief Election Officer and Attorney General, have confirmed our right to determine who our candidates will be.  Recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings have also affirmed that the fundamental "right of free association" applies to a political party, and that members have the right to select candidates who run for political office under the party's banner.

Our Candidate Recruitment and Review Committees also serve in an advisory capacity to assist candidates to run effective and successful campaigns.

Enclosed you will find a questionnaire and an affidavit for submission to the Committee. This information must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the end of the nomination filing period, but we encourage you to do so as soon as possible, preferably at least 60 days prior to the close of the filing period.

Prior to filling out the questionnaire, you need to go to the website (click on GPUS Platform) to read the GPUS platform.  We will be asking you to let us know your positions in relation to the GPUS platform.

The appropriate Committee will review the written information you have submitted, and arrange a personal interview and/or conference call to discuss any questions its members or you may have. After an internal vote, the Candidate Recruitment and Review Committee will submit a formal review and recommendation report to either the County or State Coordinating Committee, depending on whether you are running for a county or statewide office. That Coordinating Committee will then make the final decision. In the case of a negative recommendation, you have the right to request another review with the State Coordinating Committee. 

Thank you again for your interest in running for public office.  We look forward to considering your application to run as a Green.  We know submitting all the requested materials is time-consuming.  But running a political campaign is a serious commitment, and we are striving to maintain a fair and objective process of review.  We will make every effort to review your candidacy as soon as we receive your written materials.  Be sure to let us know how to contact you for arranging interviews.