Greens are:

Protectors of the Planet

Defenders of Democracy

Patriots for Peace, and

Activists for Shared Prosperity

~ Jim Brewer, Green Party of Hawai'i


Be a part of creating real change for Hawai'i

There is a connection between caring for the land and its people and democracy. Hawai'i's history reflects, and in many ways exaggerates, the global trend of the declining power of democratic institutions and environmental destruction. The corruption and injustice of "Free Trade" policies and the continued privatizing of our common heritage has taken its toll on our land and our democracy.

Hawai'i's landscape is a reflection of a history of an economic and ecological assault that has made these islands the endangered species capital of the world.

The egregious and brutal history of European colonialism is still expressing itself in Hawaii's economic policies and political institutions. Many of the issues of the plantation era of Hawaiian history have not gone away. For all practical purposes many of Hawai'i's laws are being dictated to us by an oligarchy of corporate, developer, and military special interests.

The corporate agenda of "greed is good" has legitimized profit taking at the expense of our common wealth. Global imperialism continues to rear its ugly head pillaging the worlds wealth with no concern for the communities that are destroyed in the process.

The health of Hawaii's land, and the communities that dependent on it, are an expression of Hawai'i's governmental policies. Democratic policies must aim to meet the needs and concerns of the ALL the people. Policies that meet concerns of only a wealthy few tears at the common foundation of our democracy.

The people of Hawaii are weary of corruption and injustice. The land and the waters of these islands are weary of abuse. The Green Party of Hawai'i (GPH) stands against these destructive trends. We stand for rational policies that empower our citizens and sustain the islands' natural environments.