Greens would like to see true democracy in Hawai'i. Today, decisions are made by the few, and usually benefit the rich and powerful. We advocate direct democracy, where all citizens can discuss and decide on neighborhood issues such as land use, parks, schools and community services. We advocate:

  • Strict conflict of interest laws which forbid legislators from voting on matters affecting their large campaign contributors or business associates
  • Decentralize many State functions to the County level, while insuring Constitutional rights are protected and adequate funding is provided
  • Creation of Neighborhood and Community Boards, or expansion of their role, to make policy, such as where to build a park, local zoning codes and development plans, school programs, etc.
  • Increased electronic access to government, such as the present legislative ACCESS program available in libraries and homes
  • Air more hearings on public television
  • Enforcement and extension of "sunshine" laws that open government meetings and information to all
  • Rights for referendum and initiative
  • Proportional representation for national, state, and county elections
  • Instant runoff voting for single winner races

A form of semi-bribery, politely called contributions, now corrupts most campaigns for higher office. Too many officeholders sell themselves to PACs (political action committees) and corporate contributors, in order to pay for expensive TV campaigns pandering to the worst instincts of an increasingly cynical and non-voting public. Greens would:

  • Support public funding of campaigns for legitimate candidates
  • Prohibit PAC and corporate campaign contributions
  • Limit paid TV and newspaper political advertising
  • Encourage more forums to publicize candidates' stands on issues
  • Require the distribution of voter information booklets before each election containing candidates' background and position on major issues, and information on initiatives, charter reforms, etc.
  • Permit write-in voting
  • Support public education that prepares people for the responsibilities of governing themselves, and encourages independent thinking.