PETITION: Protect our Coral Reefs ~ Ban Toxic Chemicals in Sunscreen

The Green Party of Hawaii supports legislation to protect our reefs, by banning toxic chemicals in sunscreens.

CORAL REEFS vs SUNSCREEN:  A chemical called oxybenzone which is found in sunscreen is decimating coral reefs, making coral more susceptible to bleaching.  More than 50 percent of coral off the West Hawaii coastline has bleached and possibly died this summer. Any small effort to reduce oxybenzone pollution could mean that a coral reef survives a long, hot summer, or that a degraded area recovers.  While there are a lot of things we can’t do anything about, this is one thing we can do right now for the environment. 

For further information about sunscreens and protection our oceans, visit the researchers at

Reef-safe zinc-oxide based sunscreen vs. the damaging effects of sunscreen with oxybenzone: