2018 Press Release


The Green Party of Hawai`i (GPH) experienced a significant turnout of candidates and votes in the recent election. Fielding six candidates in Hawai`i races, these results strongly demonstrate voters’ desire for political change from the current system. Green candidates ran on a platform emphasizing:  Ecological Wisdom, Grassroots Democracy, Social & Economic Justice, and Nonviolence. Importantly, Green Party candidates take no corporate money and fund their grassroots campaigns solely by individual contributions. Thus, their success in getting votes has even more significant.

Green Party candidates in the 2018 election were:

  • Jen Mather, Lahaina, for Maui House District #10 
  • Nikhilananda, Huelo, for Maui House District #13
  • Melissah Shishido, Kihei, for Maui Senate District #6
  • Jim Brewer, Honolulu, for Governor
  • Renee Ing, Honolulu, for Lt. Governor
  • Zachary Burd, Honolulu, for Congressional District #1

Green Party issues clearly resonate with voters statewide, as evidenced by the 20,093 total votes cast for Green Candidates this election. In particular, on Maui, two first time and newly energized Green candidates canvassed their districts and spoke out at community forums with specific plans to revitalize our community and our aina. Their issues included: truly affordable housing for our citizens and workers, strong support for our public schools and their teachers, protection from pesticide poisoning by corporations, preservation of our precious water supplies, respect for Native Hawaiian self-determination, and a reduction of the militarization of Hawaii. 

First time candidate for the House, Jen Mather stated,

“I couldn't be any prouder of the strides we made to ensure voters were educated, engaged, and knew they had a choice. Mahalo to everyone who put their trust in me and saw their values prioritized and their struggles recognized."

Melissah (Mish) Shishido, also a first-time candidate for Senate, was encouraged by the outpouring of community support:  

“Why did I run you may ask? My answer is simple, our ‘aina, our keiki, our health, our wellness, I plan to run again in 2022!”

Green Party Co-Chair Sylvia Litchfield noted: 

“We had a great response, there was an exceptional, palpable good will towards our Green candidates. The voters appreciated having another choice on the ballot, as an alternative to our de facto one-party system.”

For more information, contact Sylvia Litchfield, or Budd Dickinson, Co-Chairs of GPH. at gpofhawaii@gmail.com or Sylvia at (619) 987-3722.

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