Although these islands are thousands of miles from the nearest continent, Hawai'i is very much part of a global society. Just look at our faces! Hawai'i Greens are dedicated to being responsible global citizens.

We will protect the global environment. We stand for reducing pollution, protecting the oceans and wilderness, and improving air quality. We support programs that reduce global population growth. We have a deep sense of our responsibilities to future generations.

We also recognize our responsibilities to the Third World and the plight of poor people everywhere. We support their efforts to develop modem but ecologically sensible agriculture, and decentralized, community-based production and marketing organizations, such as cooperatives. We oppose all regimes that violate human rights. We condemn summary executions and death squads, political imprisonment, genocide, terrorism, and a host of other abuses identified by Amnesty International. We call for a State Office of International Human Rights to work with local, national and international organizations to abolish these violations of the United Nations Charter.