Drug Abuse Reform 

We must devise programs to control addictive behavior, the major cause of crimes committed against both persons and property. 

Greens do not condone drug abuse of any kind, whether illegal drugs or legal drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. We do believe that treating illegal drug users as ordinary criminals, wastes police time and taxpayers' money and encourages organized crime. 

The war on drugs has expanded to such excess that this war is now destroying our communities. We believe that we should emphasize drug education and treatment programs for abusers of legal and illegal drugs, rather than punishing them. 

Legalization of Cannabis

Greens have long been in favor of legalizing cannabis. We urge the Legislature to: 

  • Legalize possession, sale, and cultivation of cannabis.
  • Strike from the record prior felony convictions for cannabis possession, sale, or cultivation.
  • Grant amnesty and release from confinement those who have been incarcerated for the use, sale, or cultivation of cannabis.

Police Reform

Instead of a military approach to law enforcement with punishment as its goal, we must nurture rehabilitation wherever possible. Peace officers must be trained in conflict resolution.

  • Counties must initiate alternative programs such as L.E.A.D. in Portland, Oregon to handle calls to the police for help with those having a mental health crisis.
  • Demilitarize police including their weaponry and vehicles.
  • We support the efforts of Black Lives Matter to stop the violence against minority communities.