A Green education in Hawai'i would teach:

  • Respect for life in all its variety and interconnectedness
  • Concern for the environment
  • Democracy
  • Nonviolence and cooperation
  • Respect for individual life and dignity
  • Hawaiian culture and language
  • Tolerance and appreciation for all cultures

A Green education would be student-centered. Students would be allowed to move through the curriculum at their own pace. They would not be pressured to perform for grades or taught to excessively compete with other students. Schools would foster self-respect, not destroy it.

A Green education would help students think for themselves; they would not be taught docility or submission. They would learn cooperation and responsibility by sharing in the work and the government of the school, in minor ways at first, to a greater extent as they grew. Greens will work for a public school system that meets all these standards. Our agenda for the public schools is:

  • Schools to be well equipped, well maintained, clean and safe
  • No toleration of harassment
  • Teach conflict resolution at all grade levels
  • Open enrollment for all schools within each school

Schools to be managed by a partnership of teachers, parents, and students

For those parents who seek a philosophical alternative to the public school system, we support home schooling and alternative schools.