Greens will work for peace. Peace is not just the absence of violence: peace is trust and tolerance, based on respect for diversity and rights of self-determination. Also, there can be no peace without justice. We renounce violence as a tactic of social change, and will work through persuasion, not intimidation. Nations and individuals need to settle conflicts without violence, recognizing that it often creates more problems than it solves. We support:

  • Drastic reductions in the U.S. military budget
  • An end to testing, production. and storage of all nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons globally
  • A ban on sales of weapons by U.S. military contractors to foreign countries
  • An end to military foreign aid to repressive regimes
  • Diplomatic and economic sanctions against regimes guilty of human rights abuses
  • Increased support of UN peacekeeping and conflict resolution programs, such as creating a Center for Peace in the Pacific using indigenous teachers
  • Teaching of conflict resolution in schools
  • Neighborhood mediation centers
  • Funding for shelters for victims fleeing domestic violence
  • Prevention and counseling programs addressing problems of family violence

I1. Abortion

Abortion is a troubling issue to some Greens. They argue that an ethic of nonviolence must include fetuses and ban all abortion. The majority of us support a woman's right to choose whether or not she carries a pregnancy to term. We feel that a greater harm is committed when the state interferes in what should be a private matter.

We believe that a woman should be free to make choices about childbearing. This freedom must include birth control education" easy access to contraceptives, legalized abortion, reformed adoption practices, and community support for families, such as affordable health care and housing, paid parental leave, and available day care.

I2. Animal Rights

Some Greens argue that we must not kill, harm, or exploit animals in any way. Others would allow limited hunting and trapping, animal experimentation (if absolutely necessary), and animal husbandry if humane and environmentally sound.

It has been impossible to reach consensus on this issue. We urge Green candidates and voters to follow the dictates of their conscience in these matters.