We are struggling for meaning and purpose in a society that often reduces the Earth and its human and non-human communities to markets, commodities, and objects to be bought and sold, managed and controlled. The core Green values of ecological wisdom, grassroots democracy, social justice, and nonviolence, and the many planks in this platform, are based on a different philosophy: we acknowledge and celebrate our connectedness to the Earth, to each other, and to all of life. Green spirituality is reflected in many Hawaiian values, such as malama 'aina (caring for the land), lokahi (unity, harmony) and laulima (working together).

Greens seek to restore balance through recognizing that our planet and all of life are unique aspects of an integrated whole, and also through affirming the significant inherent values and contribution of each part of that whole. We declare on behalf of humankind that every generation has responsibilities towards future generations not to misuse resources that are the common heritage of all.

Instead of exploiting fellow humans and the Earth, Greens embrace an attitude of love, compassion, and humility. It involves flexible and reciprocal processes that can bring us back to our center, back into balance with ourselves, and our community and nature, or being pono (moral, proper, righteous).