Bioeconomy Hawaii Forum 2017

The Hawaii Forum on Bioeconomy is a fast-paced and multi-disciplinary conference on sustainable energy and environment. The Forum will focus on the global perspective of the bioeconomy, biopower, and biofuel production vital for Hawaii, Asia and for the World. The bioeconomy is also key to achieving the UN sustainable Development Goals, including the Cop21 agreement to address climate change. 

Developments in the bioeconomy are moving ahead fast in the world. Hawaii Forum 2017 will provide a strategic agenda and a shared commitment to shape the bioeconomy through collaboration.

David Y. Ige, Governor, State of Hawaii 

Lorraine R. Inouye, Chair, 
Hawaii Senate Transportation and Energy Committee

Chris Lee, Chair, 
Energy & Environmental Protection, Hawaii State Representative

Jane A. Sawyer, District Director, 
US Small Business Administration, Hawaii District

Will you come?